For many companies, the About Us page is one of the most important pages on the site. Despite this, it often gets overlooked in terms of content and importance. Think about it – investors, potential employees, partners, and customers all have a reason to visit this page. So why not put your best foot forward? Here are a few tips for creating a great About Us page for your website.

Tell Your Story

If you are a company founder, it might be tempting to rewrite your personal resume in paragraph form. Try to avoid this, and instead, write a brief summary depicting the history of the company. What gave you the idea to start it? Who else was involved? Then, spend a little time discussing your company’s mission and values. What drives your company culture? What motivates your employees to work at your company? What sets you apart from competitors? Implement some of your culture into the language on the About Us page. Allude to how the people at your company are the foundation for the amazing product or service your company offers. Don’t use boring corporate speak – get personal and conversational.

State Your Purpose

All too often, companies miss the mark on the About Us page by not explicitly stating the purpose of the website. How does your company and/or product(s) make your customers’ lives easier? How will your website fulfill that promise? Be clear and simple, but don’t shy away from explicitly stating why people should take an action on your site.

Add a CTA

Another common mistake companies make on the About Us page is not including some type of call to action (CTA). For example, after someone reads your story and the purpose of your site, they’ll want to know what to do next. Provide an email list opt in so they can connect with you. Give them links to your products or services pages. Allow them to contact the appropriate person or team in your company, such as the media or marketing department for PR inquiries. Add social media handles. If they’ve read about you, help them take that next step towards becoming a customer.


Use Imagery

No one wants to land on a page that’s just words and nothing else. Incorporate imagery into your About Us page. Add your company logo, and/or logos of companies you do business with. Add images of your products, office, employees (with permission), or any other relevant imagery. Hire a professional photographer to shoot these, though. Blurry cell phone photos don’t make a good first impression. Add infographics the depict the company history, or that are relevant to your customers. Use video or other interactive media to better illustrate your culture and people. People process visual imagery much faster than text.

Be Succinct and Have Fun

Typically, a few paragraphs are all you need on your About Us page. Be succinct. Use bullets. A few sentences per paragraph is plenty. Most people will just skim the text, and many will see the page on a mobile device, so keep that in mind as you write. Again, have fun with it! It’s okay if your tone is playful and light, especially if it reflects your company culture. Humor and personable language are much more interesting that industry jargon. If your About Us page connects with your audience personally, then those people are far more likely to engage with other areas of your site.

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